Name of Work : Construction of bridge in place of Hope Bridge across river Tapi, joining Chowk and Adajan, Surat.
Client : Surat Municipal Corporation, Muglisara, Surat.
Cost of Work : Rs. 707.6 Millions
Year of Completion : Work in Progress
Description of Work :

Foundation :

1500 mm dia pile Foundation.

Substructure :

RCC Pier and Pier Cap.

Superstructure :

Hope Bridge: 14 x 45.5 m + 1 x 16.90 m PSC Voided slab.
Nehru Bridge: 1 x 8 m + 1 x 42.50 m + 1 x 36 m PSC Voided slab.

Approaches :

RCC Retaining walls.

Remarks :
  • 1500 mm dia piles (40 m long approx.) were constructed by Hydraulic Rig (HR - 180). Earthen bunds were provided at each location for working the Hydraulic Rig.

  • Construction of 50 m span voided PSC slab construction was a challenging job. The maximum Cement Concrete content of each slab is 743 m^3.

  • Since the location of this bridge is under tidal effect, the staging of Superstructure had to be rested on temporary 600 / 750 / 1000 mm dia C.C piles. The temporary piles were constructed with piling rigs, mounted on floating pontoon. The temporary piles were connected by RCC beams. The testles of staging were eracted on this pile and beam arrangements, with the help of crane, mounted on floating pontoon.

  • The concreting of slab was done in two stages, each stage involving about 360 m^3 C.C. The concreting was produced by 2 batching plants, each of 30 m^3 capacity and the concreting of each stage lasted for about 15 hours.

  • The temporary staging was removed from river after prestressing of the slab.