Name of Work : Construction of Bridge with approaches across Damanganga River connecting Kachigam on Nani daman side and Zari on Moti Daman Side in U.T. of Daman.
Client : PWD, WD-I, Daman
Cost of Work : Rs. 475.4 Millions
Year of Completion : Nov 2018
Description of Work :

Four lane Bridge having length of 780 m including RE wall of 380 m on both ends.

Foundation : Open foundation: 18 m X 17m X 4.5 m

Substructure : RCC circular pier (Max. height of pier 13 mtr)

Superstructure : RCC Beam with RCC Deck slab Spans - (24.6 mtr x 16 RCC) + 7mtr approach slab

Approached : 390

Length of bridge : 400

Remarks :
  • Open foundation was executed by excavating extremely hard rock under tidal condition. It required extensive dewatering.

  • Damanganga River is a perennial river and as such the foundation and other parts of bridge had to be constructed in 6 meter deep water. The bridge site falls under Tidal Zone of Arabian Sea. The Tidal variation is about 6 m.

  • The height of the deck of the bridge is about 13 mtr from the deepest river bed level.

  • Superstructure – RCC I Girder of 24.6 mtr span (weighing 68 MT each) were cast on one of the approaches in casting yard. The girders were launched span by span, using 2 crane each of 300 MT capacity. The handling and launching RCC I Girders (total 128 nos.) was the most challenging job, as it required meticulous planning, accuracy and safety. Vijay M. Mistry Construction Pvt. Ltd. handled this most difficult and important activity of launching RCC girder with great skill and safety.