Name of Work : Construction of Elevated road on NH-12, Kota.
Client : Urban Improvement Trust, Kota.
Cost of Work : Rs.561 Millions.
Year of Completion : February, 2014
Description of Work :

Foundation :

RCC Open Foundation.

Substructure :

RCC Pier and Pier cap

Superstructure :

3 x 35 m Box Girders + 1 x 10 m RCC Slab + 37 x 20 m PSC Girders

Approaches :

Retaining wall:
Aerodrome Circle End : 95 m
Dakania Chauraha side : 105 m

Remarks :
  • This FOB is constructed across one of the busiest area of Kota.
  • 20 m long PSC Precast I Girder were cast in casting bed and launched in position. PSC box girders were cast in situ with staging arrangement, which kept the road traffic through without interruption.
  • There were incidental works of remodeling of existing drains and service roads on both side of fob.
  • Vijay M. Mistry Construction Pvt. Ltd. possesses all resources like manpower and machinery for executing such challenging time bound jobs.