Name of Work : Construction of Sharavathi major bridge on NH 17 in Karnataka.
Client : Modern Road Makers Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Cost of Work : Rs.495 Millions
Year of Completion : 2/1/2017
Description of Work :

Foundation : 1200 mm dia bored cast in situ pile The maximum depth of the pile was 40 rmt.

Substructure : RCC Wall type pier

Superstructure : PSC I Girder 30.2 rmt span

Approached :

Length of bridge : Length of bridge 1177.8 m

Remarks :
  • Sharavathi river is a perennial river and as such the foundation and other parts of bridge had to construct in maximum 5.5 metre deep water.
    The bridge site falls under Tidal Zone of Arabian Sea. The Tidal variation is about 3m

  • 1200 mm dia RCC bored piles were constructed to a maximum depth of approx. 47 metre by Hydraulic Rig and Jack up Pontoon.

  • The height of the deck of the bridge is about 12 m from the deepest river bed level.

  • Superstructure – PSC I Girder of 30.2m spans approx. were cast in Casting yard and then Girder shifted to loading jetty by trolley arrangement .This girder were loaded on Floating Pontoon having Gantry arrangement and shifted to the location with the help of tug boats and erected on bearing. Casting of span required meticulous planning, accuracy and safety. Vijay M. Mistry Construction Pvt. Ltd. handled this most difficult and important activity of superstructure with great skill and safety.