Name of Work : Construction of Bridge over construction of Bridge over River chambal between Makhida (District Bundi) and Gainta (District kota) SH No. 1A.
Client : PWD, Bridge Project Bundi.
Cost of Work : Rs. 831.6 Millions
Year of Completion : Nov 2018
Description of Work :

Two lane bridge across Chambal River having length of 1562.4 mtr.

Foundation :1000 mm dia pile bored cast in situ pile. Maximum depth 27.06 mtr.
13 nos. of Wells by Floating Caisson method (Well Foundation O.D. 12 & 9 M) Maximum depth of well is about 20.65 metre below well cap level..
Substructure : RCC wall type pier (Max. Height of pier 2..44 mtr)

Superstructure :PSC "I" Beam with RCC Deck Slab Span - 37.20 m X 42

Length of bridge : 1562.4 mtr

Remarks :
  • Chambal River is a perennial river and as such the foundation and other parts of bridge had to be constructed in maximum 6 meter deep water.

  • 1000 mm dia RCC bored piles were constructed to a maximum depth of approx. 27.061 metre by Hydraulic Rig in hard strata.

  • In active part of river 12 mtr dia13 noswell foundation were constructed by floating caisson and sunk to a depth of 20.65 mtr through hard rock.

  • The height of the deck of the bridge is about 36 mtr from the deepest river bed level.

  • Superstructure – PSC I Girder of 37.20 mtr span (weighing 137 MT each) were cast on one of the approaches in casting yard. The girder were launched span by span using 65.0 mtr long (Weighting 85 MT) Structural steel launching truss. The handling and launching 250 MT PSC I Girder (Total 36 Nos.) was most challanging job.